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A.J. EXPORTS is exporting rice to Middle East, Europe, Australia and many other countries. Our strong alliance with these states is an evidence of phenomenal quality delivered till date. From the day of commencement, we have adopted the philosophy, ‘customer comes first’ that promotes us to take feedback from our customers on time to time basis. Following best practices along with a professional conduct have not only elevated our reputation in the market, but ensured customer satisfaction and loyalty that one can gauge from our testimonials.

Why choose us

Keeping up with TECHNOLOGY
Our principal concern at the production level is to clean and enhance the physical appearance of the raw materials with a world-class technological prowess. We boast of superior levels of mechanised services, and persistently put resources into the hands of the most advanced technology to enhance its operations, improve product quality, and expansion of production efficiency. Our machines can expel every irrelevant material, for example, weed, dust, rock paddy rice and colour sorter, for final improvement before exchange to pressing procedure till the end product is produced in
a pristine form.

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