About us

A.J. Exports is one of the top most processors and exporters of quality rice in India and a well-established name in the World Rice Industry. The company was established in 2005 and boasts of a rich tradition of over a decade of satisfying millions of rice loving taste buds.
We are based out of Delhi, the national capital region of India thus making us connected with the rest of the world. Our paddy / rice comes from the green fertile lands Punjab & Haryana two major state of rice belt which gained recognition post-independence when India decided to take the path of Green Revolution. So, we provide you with the best of what India, the very land of agriculture, has to offer in terms Basmati as well as non-basmati rice.


We are a worldwide brand. The fact that we also cater to Middle East, Europe and Australia as per buyer requisite brand along with our own brands, speaks volume for our credibility and reputation. We can guarantee a satisfaction that you shall never achieve anywhere.


Our vision serves as the primary agenda to aid every aspect of our business by portraying what we have to accomplish by keeping in mind the end goals, i.e., sustainability, quality growth, and most importantly - customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with our buyers by sticking to our promises and living upto the expectations generated.


The quality of our products serves as a barometer for our activities. It portrays how we are going to perform in the world market. It adds to our reputation. Some of the values every member of our firm incorporate within
us are as follows :

• Authority: The audacity to form a
superior future
• Teamwork: Influence collective brain
• Honesty: Be true
• Responsibility: If it is to be,
it’s up to me
• Enthusiasm: Dedicated in
heart and mind
• Variety: As comprehensive
as our brands
• Quality: Consistent quality

A Connoisseur's Delight

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